5 Benefits of Yin Yoga

5 Benefits of Yin Yoga

All of us have busy lives. We’re constantly running around, trying to meet the next deadline or next appointment that’s on our calendar. Cultivating a consistent Yin practice will help recharge our body, mind, and spirit.

Here are 5 benefits of a Yin practice in your life:

1. Restoring Range of Motion

Layers of connective tissue must allow muscles to glide over each other. Previous injuries or other trauma in our life often bind these tissues, reducing range of motion. These adhesions block the flow of nutrients and energy through the body, causing pain and limiting mobility.  Holding poses for extended periods of time help ease these adhesions and increase mobility in the tissues.

2. Yin Revitalizes the Body’s Tissues

Practicing yin allows our muscles to rehydrate, much like a dry sponge being soaked in water. This often leads to a “massage” like post-practice state of euphoria.

3. Holding Poses Allows Us to Sit with Our Thoughts and Emotions

Our bodies store emotion in various parts of our bodies, including our muscles. Yin can especially allow emotions, memories, or other powerful thoughts to rise up from deep inside of us and reach the surface. Yin allows us to safely acknowledge those emotions in a safe environment.

4. Yin Forces Us to Slow Down

Our world is incredibly fast paced. Everything is at our fingertips (quite literally with our phones) and “Power Yoga” is all the craze. Practicing Yin forces our mind and body to slow down, to marinate in each pose. Staying still and noticing the small changes in each posture forces us to be present in our practice, pushing other thoughts and deadlines to the side.

5. Yin Helps With Balance

Most of us live incredibly busy lives, leaving little time for moments of pause and introspection. Yin helps us become more self-aware, listening to our bodies, giving ourselves the important mental nourishment we need.

Eric Rucker