Yoga Classes Offered



A slow flow to guide you to relaxation, reflection and rejuvenation.

Power Vinyasa

Release tension and move through asana that will not only get the blood flowing, but build strength and flexibility.

Therapeutic Flow

Develop strength and structure by moving slowly and consciously through each movement! Imagine Thai Chi Vinyasa!

Ashtanga Variation

Develop strength and structure within your Asana practice with a set sequence that echoes the Ashtanga Primary Series. This is a great introduction to and preparation for Ashtanga. Each pose is held for 5 breaths. This is where you build strength and focus on maintaining alignment.


This class focuses on improving flexibility, strength and balance. All abilities are welcome - this includes those who sit at their office desk all day! Learn the many ways you can move, stretch and strengthen in a chair anywhere!

Yoga Fundamentals

This class breaks down the basics of Yoga for all ability levels! Learn the building blocks of the practice.  This is specifically geared towards newbies but can be a good refresher for those more experienced!

Lunch Flow

Get your movement on with a brief yet full-body flow on your lunch break! In just 30 minutes you can feel refreshed and focused for the rest of the afternoon! It includes sun salutations and breath control practice, called Pranayama.

Family Yoga

Let’s share Yoga and all its aspects with the children of Lake Worth and their families! This class focuses on themes such as kindness to oneself and others, various breathing techniques, mindful meditation techniques in addition to learning Asana (poses) in fun and interactive ways!

Yoga for Healing

This one hour class will guide students through gentle Hatha yoga stretches, pranayama breath control, healing invocations and energy channeling, concluding with deep relaxation.  The result is an affirming sense of the real potential to heal.